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Anti personnel

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An anti-personnel anti personnel mine will kill a soldier but is ineffective anti personnel against a tank. The development of defensive fortification and combat vehicles gave rise to weapons designed specifically to attack them, and thus a need to distinguish between those. All were capable of using anti-personnel vertical maneuvering equipment, which was developed in secret without public&39;s knowledge or that of the anti personnel regular Military Police Brigade. What does AP stand for? When anti personnel laying an ambush. More Anti-personnel images.

Thus, he argues, the name "flatters their accuracy by implying that they target an organization, military or otherwise. anti personnel To deploy a mine, the vehicle must move to the desired area and must be double-clicked. anti-personnel ( military ) Referring to devices (typically weapons ) intended to harm people in particular. They can be used to attack conventional infantry that is occupying the same area as the &39;Mech. To booby trap other mines as a form of anti-handling device. Tightening Anti-Personnel Landmine Use Restrictions. The Anti-Personnel Control Squad, also known as the Anti-Personnel Vertical Maneuvering Equipment Squad in manga translations, anti personnel is a hostile organization and serves as the secondary antagonists of the Uprising Arc of Attack on Titan. Later, it was obtained by Alias.

You&39;ll notice, if the mine is blue and appears while approaching it than that&39;s a mine set by someone on your team. The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was officially created to oppose the Scout Regiment; however, that was a false justification given by Kenny Ackermann so that the Assembly would give their approval. anti-personnel meaning: Anti-personnel weapons are weapons that are intended to kill or injure people rather than damage. To evade pursuit (e.

· the ruger 10/22 in anti-personnel applications If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. Referring to devices (typically weapons) intended to harm people in particular. The MKAP-97 Anti-personnel Weapon is the Multi-Grenade Launcher for Repta during the Commonwealth Civil War. See full list on cnc. they are triggered when the victim steps on it. Its members appeared to be cynical, feeling that their lives have been without meaning, but by following Kenny, they might be able to discover what they were missing. Alternatively, they can be dispensed by cargo-carrying artillery shells. Soldiers in the Anti-Personnel Control Squad were elite members of the Military Police Brigade who chose to join Kenny in the Interior Squad.

PRESS RELEASE FOR BUFFALO BORE ANTI-PERSONNEL 200gr. The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was assembled by Kenny Ackermann two years after the Fall of Wall Maria and anti personnel he was placed in charge despite having no prior military experience. They also displayed absolute loyalty to anti personnel Kenny, remaining holding up against the Scouts&39; anti personnel invasion of the ritual site under the Reiss Chapeluntil it collapsed, leading to their demise. anti-personnel (Adjective) Referring to devices (typically weapons) intended to harm people in particular. A "crunch" sound will be heard once the deployment is complete. · Unlike anti personnel other anti-personnel mines that are buried in the ground and often activated by the pressure of a soldier’s foot, the Claymore is anti personnel attached to a stationary object above ground and fired by.

In the initial attack, Nifa, anti personnel anti personnel Abel, and Keiji were ki. The Proximity Mine is the Vanu Sovereigntyanti-personnel explosive. As a unit they were one of the most capable in the military, being able to catch veteran Survey Corps members unaware and force Levi Ackermanto withdraw his squad from their rescue operation. citation needed. Built on this moratorium by anti personnel establishing a permanent anti-personnel landmine export and transfer ban in 1997.

An anti-personnel anti personnel weapon is one primarily used to injure or kill people. What makes them different from most anti-tank mines, however, is anti personnel their smaller size, which enables large numbers to be simultaneously deployed over a large area. They impact the right to life and to personal integrity, freedom of movement, the right to food, the right to an adequate standard of living, the right to health, the right to education and. This was copied by the Germans to produce the Abwehrflammenwerfer anti personnel 42, these devices were effectively disposable, trip-wire triggered flamethrowers.

Previously, Claymores had no detonation timer, and would detonate as soon as their sensor was tripped. All soldiers under anti personnel Kenny&39;s command were aware of their captain&39;s true goal and were loyal to his orders rather than the government&39;s. ‘To reduce or eliminate the use of certain weapons that are indiscriminate in anti personnel character, such as anti-personnel landmines.

An anti-personnel weapon is a weapon primarily used to maim or kill infantry and other personnel not behind armor, as opposed to attacking structures or vehicles, or hunting game. Hard Cast Wadcutter (1,000 fps) 20 Round Box. If an enemy infantryman moves near, it will deal between 10 damage to all infantry within 6 meters of anti personnel the device after a brief delay. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. Their true purpose was the pursuit of Captain Kenny Ackermann&39;s dream, specifically to obtain the God-like power possessed by the Reiss family. Heavy vehicles are only very slightly affected by anti-personnel mines. In the week following the Wall Rose anti personnel invasion, the Anti-Personnel Control Squad was dispatched to assist the Reeves Company in capturing Eren Jaeger and Historia Reiss.

. If enemy infantry move near, it will deal between 10 damage to all infantry within 6 meters of the device after a brief delay The Bouncing Betty is functionally identical to the Proximity Mine. Cavensuspected the reason for the squad&39;s creation was that humanity had given up on fighting the Titans so anti personnel now they would fight over what land was left. Antipersonnel definition: (of weapons, etc) designed to cause casualties to personnel rather than to destroy. See full list on planetside. One tosses her the anti-personnel ordinance cannon which she uses to continue the fight. Anti-personnel landmines – including “non-persistent” landmines and improvised anti-personnel landmines – destroy lives, livelihoods and rights.

Our other heavy 44 SPL loads exclude the. What is the abbreviation for Anti-Personnel, Anti-Material? The anti-personnel laser cannon was a light laser cannon that was designed for killing infantry personnel. It was used on vehicles like the AT-TE, OG-9 homing spider droid and Clone anti personnel Turbo Tank. ··antipersonnel. anti personnel Kenny took a shine to Caven&39;s nihilism and shared his derisive feelings for the members of the Assembly as well as how much work it took to get them to buy into the squad&39;s creation. The most common use of this term is for certain low-powered explosive devices. Due to the Allies&39; extensive use anti personnel of infantry raids, the anti personnel Soviets developed the anti-personnel minelayer.

What does APAM stand for? Kenny Ackerman, Traute Caven, and other members of the Anti-Personnel Control Squad were sent to collect Eren Yeager and Historia Reiss from the Reeves Company, which had been pressured to kidnap them. In Trost, the Anti-Personnel Squad saw through anti personnel the ruse of their targets supposed capture, and simultaneously ambushed anti personnel the Scouts overlooking Eren and Historia&39;s carriage. The Claymore is the Terran Republic anti-personnel explosive.

If enemy infantry move in-front ofthe explosive, it will explode and deal between 13 damage to all enemies in-front of the device after a brief delay. You may have to register before you can post:. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Protecting a temporary base. Definition of anti-personnel adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner&39;s Dictionary.

Typically, anti-personnel blast mines are activated i. Deploying a sixth set anti personnel of either Stratagem by any player will cause the first. Fast and maneuverable 3. ANTI-PERSONNEL 44 Special Ammo anti personnel 200 gr. He then shared his true goal with his new unit, to obtain "power rivaling a god. · the ruger 10/22 in anti-personnel applications If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above.

Anti-personnel mines may be classified into blast mines or fragmentation mines, the latter may or may not be a bounding mine. However, If the mine is undetectable or appears red (with proper equipment) than it was set by an enemy should be destroyed at your earliest convience. More Anti-personnel videos. They were made by Britain, the US and the Soviet Union during World War II, but never deployed. Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Anti-Personnel Landmine Kit - Inert Replica Training Aids quantity. : antipersonnel bombs. The mine design is a small designed "bom ball" with a detection wire spread planted around its body.

· The anti personnel game treats the deployment of barbwire barriers in the same way it treats Airdropped Anti-Personnel/Anti-Tank anti personnel Mines and Airdropped Stun Mines, meaning that only five sets of either barbwire barriers, lethal mines and/or stun mines can be deployed at the anti personnel same time. All were capable of using Anti-Personnel omni-directional mobility gear, which was developed in secret without the public&39;s knowledge or that of the regular Military Police. M86 Pursuit Deterrent anti personnel Munition) 4. The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was officially created to oppose the Survey anti personnel Corps; however, that was a false justification given by Kenny Ackerman so that the Assembly would give their approval. antipersonnel - designed to inflict death or personal injury rather than material destruction offensive - for the purpose of attack rather than defense; "offensive weapons" Based on WordNet 3.

A small explosive charge burst the mine open and dispersed the chemical when the mine was triggered. This process can be done manually, via dispensers on land vehicles, or from helicopters or aircraft. While blast mines are designed to cause severe injury to one person, fragmentation mines (such as the World War II era German S-mine) are designed to project fragments across a wide area, causing shrapnelwounds to nearby personnel. How to pronounce anti-personnel? The Anti-Personnel Control Squad was assembled by Kenny Ackerman two years after the fall of Wall Maria and he was placed in charge despite having no prior military experience. . Injuring, rather than killing, the victim is viewed as preferable in order to increase the logistical (evacuation, medical) burden on the opposing force.

Kenny, Caven, and the other members of the squad trailed the Special Operations Squad to Trost District. As a unit they were one of the most capable in the military, being able to catch veteran Scouts unaware and force Levi Ackermannto withdraw his squad from their rescue operation. It could carry five mines at once and could refill at a service depot for free.

Anti personnel

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